A leading provider of solutions for strategic WFM and TEM.

  • Softwaremodel Saas
  • Softwaremodel Koop
  • Softwaremodel Huur
  • Licentievergoedingsmodel per medewerker
  • Online module
  • iOS app beschikbaar
  • Android app beschikbaar
  • Self service dashboard
  • Automatisch roosteren
  • Eerlijke verdeling onregelmatige diensten
  • Ondersteuning geldende cao's
  • Ondersteuning ATW
  • Automatische updates geldende cao's
  • Automatische updates ATW
  • Automatisch inroosteren pauzes en lunches
  • Medewerker registratie gewerkte uren app
  • Medewerker registratie gewerkte uren online
  • Automatisch overzicht over-/onderbezetting
  • Registratie verlof/ziekte
  • Aanvraag verlof
  • Koppeling salarisadministratie
  • Koppeling urenregistratie
  • Koppeling vanuit HRM naar planningsoftware
  • Intergreerbaar met ACD
  • Ondersteuning thema capaciteitsplanning
  • Ondersteuning thema zelfroosteren
  • Ondersteuning thema basisrooster
  • Ondersteuning thema vraag- en taakgestuurd plannen
  • Ondersteuning thema flexpool planning
Workforce Management With Teleopti

Teleopti WFM Software

Teleopti is a leading provider of solutions for strategic Workforce
Management (WFM) and Telecom Expense Management (TEM). The
company is renowned for developing advanced and user-friendly solutions
based on client requirements. We ensure our customers stay ahead
of their competition by optimizing their customer service, their time, and
their communications backed up by our core values and a passion to
deliver improvements.


The MyTime portal is a real added bonus giving a predominantly young workforce the ability to plan their lives. Agents enjoy the luxury of seeing their shifts well in advance and notifications & changes are automatically updated – true employee empowerment. (UK) (UK)
Mark Simson Head of Resource Planning

We have a true partnership with Teleopti in every sense of the word. The team at Teleopti is approachable, understands our needs and is always willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our goals.

Vivian OCallaghan Solutions Analyt